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Piper Planning's philosophy of service is to create personally customized solutions to your individual needs.  Each of our valued client's needs are different, and so optimal solutions can only be found with open communication and personal attention. Piper Planning's areas of specialisation include:-

  • Statutory Planning and Development Feasibility Advice

  • Project Coordination of Development Approvals

  • Seniors Living Development

  • Commercial Industrial Development

Piper Planning is dedicated to the attention of each client it serves, and maintains a vigilant focus on communication, confidentialty and professionalism.

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Statutory town planning and development feasibility advice

Piper Planning offers customised design solutions and advice for town planning constraints for investor focussed residential developments.

We assist our clients in understanding the development capacity of their sites, as well as negotiating the development approval pathway.

Our main focus is to residential development and optimised outcomes. We also work with commercial and industrial development firms in achieving the highest and best use of their sites.

Project Coordination of Development Approvals

Piper Planning specialises in ensuring non-compliance issues are managed out of your development application from the outset of the planning process.  We will then be at your side throughout the entirety of the preparation and lodgement of your development application, as your expert advocate and government liasion.


Project Management

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Once Piper Planning has negotiated your green light to project implementation, we can assist you to stay on time and on budget with management controls throughout the execution of your project.  We will maintain your regulatory adherence over the life of the project through a reporting and communication program that incorporates the necessary liaisons with council regulators.

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